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April - Lock-down and Love

How is everyone doing? Surviving lockdown i hope? Here in the UK were still in lockdown, but hopefully, some of those measures will be eased soon. I miss my family and friends, im sure like everyone else in the world. I'd be happy to drive to family or friends and sit outside to talk to hem, i just miss people! For anyone that knows me or has followed me for a long time will know im always away, travelling, work trips, conferences, weekends away or just doing fun things with friends! This has definitely been a huge shock to my system! April was a weird month, i haven't been doing much apart from working!! I should have been more organised and worked on content for May, but when im sitting at a computer all day, i can't be bothered in the evening, and that's the truth. I think this weekend will be dedicated to May content! I know what i want to do i just need to get a wiggle on and get posts wrote, images made and social media scheduled. I think my favourite lockdown activity this month was my Tie Dye!! I ordered a kit off Amazon and i would highly recommend it, you got plenty of gloves, rubber bands (i used/needed extra), bottles with colour in them and then sachets with extra colouring, i thought this was great. I also ordered some white clothing, people have been asking me what i ordered. The jumper, t-shirts and long sleeves were all fruit of the loom and extremely cheap on Amazon.

I have been getting out most days on my bike or for a walk with the dog, i suppose we were told to get an hour of exercise a day! I do enjoy getting out into the fresh air, especially when i sit at a desk all day. I have to say my boss does encourage us to get out and stretch our legs on breaks and get outside at the end of the day! I defiantly helps. If you cant get outside or your loved one cant, open a window and at least get some fresh air.

One thing i did this month that i loved was dropped a hamper (cardboard box) off at dads nursing home for all the staff!! It felt so nice to give them a little treat for all their hard work. We filled a shopping trolly with all the junk food and fizzy juice we could find. We did throw in some cereal bars just to at least try and be healthy. I got the chance to see dad and wave in the window at him, the nurse opened the window a crack and i shouted in Hello. He managed to hit his head again and give himself an almighty shinner - it looked like Rockey had been in to see him. Poor man, his head takes some blows, but i guess it comes with the disease.

I suppose my biggest announcement is that your no longer reading this on WordPress, i set my mind to it and spent ALOT of evenings working on a new website. It might not be perfect or to everyone's liking but i love it. Its mine and i managed to somehow do it myself (that's a lie You me and HD helped me over DM's). So i hope you love it as much as i do and if you feel like sharing the love please share the link with friends and family and ask them to check it out. Id really appreciate it.

I know the title of this says Lockdown and Love, but don't get excited there's no Love in my life !! My love right now is myself, that sounds big-headed but honestly, im taking this time to get out on walks, work on the blog, do facemasks and read books. It's lovely! I mean do i love being single, not overly but im happy with my life right now. I live at home with my family and spend time with them, i miss dad but hopefully ill get in to see him soon. This doesn't stop people asking, 'Any new men' there's a friggin pandemic going on how the hell would i meet someone? I know we're all missing out loved ones, but remember staying away from them is keeping them safe. I know we don't know how long we have with them, but it will be okay. This pandemic is happening and unless were a magic scientist to come up with a cure we can only do our best. Everyone deals with a lockdown in different ways and for those that are struggling, reach out and talk to someone. There are many helplines, HD organisations have support workers and the HD community online will always listen. If you feel the need to talk or are getting overwhelmed please talk, i learnt the hard way the importance of talking about my feelings. Im always here, i have said it many times, i am not a professional, i have a degree in events management (so i can help you professionally plan a fundraiser or party but that's about it) but i have ears and i can listen. Stay Safe. Ash

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