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A Catch up, June 2018

Around Christmas time dad went into respite, he was in and out for some time, and then had around 6 weeks in total in a nursing home without getting home. Daddy always had the last say, if he didn’t like the home he didn’t have to go back, the first ever nursing home dad went to, he didn’t like it. So we told him he never had to go back. Then the third home he decided he would stay and that is where he lives now. It is such a relief that dad has constant care, the care assistants who looked after him at home done all they could. In the nursing home there are people around him all the time and he is always entertained with activities. It’s a weight of my brother’s shoulders and mine, and surprisingly it was an easier process than we thought it would be.

As my readers will know I didn’t exactly have a good relationship with my dad’s (old) social worker, and the nursing home topic was a sensitive one. Thankfully she went off on maternity leave and we got another social worker! She was understanding, kind and listened. She was everything a social worker should be. She made the process easy for my entire family. My mum was allowed to be involved with helping my brother and I understand the process, and make decisions, the social worker looked after not only my dad but my brother and I. There is a duty of care to the entire family, medical processionals should not push away the family members who want to help, and there are so many people with an illness or disease who have no one! Daddy is happy in the nursing home! I visit him weekly and tell him I love him every time I see him. His speech has gotten a lot worse and phone calls are extremely difficult. We knew that day would come, he is also on a soft food diet and we have to be extremely careful with what he eats. For the first time in over ten years my brother and I have time to ourselves, we get out on the boat when we want, my brother has passed his motor bike licence, and I’m finally sorting my house out and spending time at home. I even joined the local drama group (wish me luck). It seems like everything is falling into place, I have finished University (check out my post about University marks) and everyone in the family is happy, especially Daddy!!

Anyone reading this, has your loved ones moved into a home recently? How did you find the process? Christmas day I cried visiting Daddy in the nursing home, but now I smile when I see how happy he is.

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