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30 things before your 30

1. Set goals for your life, not just your career

2. There are 24 hours in a day, you spend 8 working and 8 sleeping. What are you doing with the rest?

3. If he texts you after 9 o'clock or is drunk - it's a booty call

4. Spend time with your family.

5. You don't need 20 best friends, you just need a few good ones

6. Don't do it for social media, do it because it makes you happy

7. Take pictures - it's all you'll have

8. Anchor yourself to something you believe in.

9. Travel far and wide to achieve your dreams no matter the tide

10. Life isn’t here to break you, it’s here to make you stronger and make your mark on the world. It will only destroy you if you let it.

11. You still have the power to do and be anything you want to be ♥️

12. If he doesn't make you happy, why are you still there

13. Take the risk, it'll pay off

14. You don't need to buy everything.

15. Make memories not full wardrobes

16. Stay true to yourself, people will try to change you

17. Don't put to much pressure on one event

18. Running away won't solve your problems

19. Friends will use you, it's okay to loose them

20. Set backs don't make you a failure

21. Fall in love, allow yourself to love and be loved

22. Cry, but remember tomorrow is a new day

23. Be humble, not timid, be confident not arrogant. Share your victories, don't boast.

24. I am a good daughter

25. Go after what you want, or you'll never get it

26. Be honest

27. Never raise your voice, except for sporting events

28. Find what makes your eyes light up, and do more of that

29. You may occasionally disappoint others, but never disappoint yourself

30. Give everybody a second chance. Never a third

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