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25 Easy Fundraising Ideas

25 Simple Fusdraisers

When daddy was first diagnosed I didn’t know how to cope with it, so I done the only thing I could think of, I threw a fundraiser. Sadly as this was over ten years ago i cant find any pictures. I had to delete my old Facebook and they were on it.

So I thought this blog post would be a list of fundraisers to help those who might want to fundraise for HD !! As I have a degree in events management I find fundraising events really easy!! Although this is not the case for everyone, and that’s totally fine, we all have our own personal strengths. My top 25 fundraising events are: 1) Car Boot Sale 2) Coffee morning 3) Car wash 4) Cake sale 5) Facebook fundraiser 6) Dry month 7) Non school uniform day 8) Five a side football 9) Fun run 10) How many sweets in a jar 11) Karaoke night 12) Pub quiz 13) Leg waxing 14) Pamper evening – the body shop/forever living 15) Raffle 16) Sponsored challenge 17) Skydive 18) Talent show 19) Sponsored walk 20) Sponsored shave 21) Just giving page 22) Abseiling 23) Bag pack 24) Book sale 25) Film night

(These fundraisers are simple and have small overheads, they wont cost you a lot to hold).

Okay so I literally could go on forever, but I wanted to think of ideas that would be easy for people to do. These are all really simple to do and im sure if you get in touch with your local charity they will help you as much as possible. Fundraising events are also a great way to raise awareness for Huntington’s disease as it will get a lot of people asking questions.

As I have said I have done a few fundraisers myself, some of the fundraisers I have done are: o Open boat rally o Selling #imnotdrunk t-shirts o Guess the amount of sweets in the jar o Disco/dance o 50’s themed night o Sponsored walk o Christmas card donation o Halloween party o Quiz in high school o 20 mile water ski o Skiathalon o Viking boat row (For a different charity but amazing)

and more but i just can’t think of them all 😀 So I hope in this New Year you will think about raising the much-needed funds for your local HD charity, and if you’s need any help, you can always reach out to me. Merry Christmas


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