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100 Things to do in 2021

Who has a bucket list? Or have you ever considered making one? After the fun we had in 2020, i have decided i do not want to waste a minute of 2021! !

(I will be adhering to all local guidelines in regards to lockdowns and social distancing, items on this list will not be completed until it is safe to do so)

Check out my list of 100 things to do in 2021! It was a lot of fun researching things to do and coming up with ideas!

Each new year, I like to build up excitement for the coming year. On a recent training course, the teacher asked us to make a list of 100 things to do before our next big life event! I did this and thought - What a cool idea! SO... i decided i would make a more achievable list for 2021 and get excited for the year ahead.

To be clear, this is not a “100 things to do before you die” or ‘100 things to do in life” bucket list. But instead, it is a list of fun things to do in 2021 only. *BE REALISTIC*

It can include bucket list things you’ve been meaning to do, It can also include things you’ve done before and would like to do again, like going camping or volunteering, or climb a mountain again.

You might have things on your list you know is going to happen, for example, i know i am going camping in 2021 i go every year! I have already climbed Slieve Donard, but i would love to do it for sunrise!

The idea of this is to come up with new ideas, and sometimes listing things you have already done can help you come up with new ideas! It's a great way to stay excited for the year ahead.

Make 2021 a great year! Cross off some bucket list ideas, and push yourself to get more out of life. If you find yourself with a spare weekend or evening, check out what is on your list. Can you tick something off?

So many weekends i sit and complain i have nothing to do, or i can't think of anything, well there are no excuses for 2021!


Who likes the word rules... let's say guidelines!

1. Get a notebook, switch the computer on or open the notes on your phone. Either way, get the numbers 1 - 100 down somewhere.

2. Write down something you want to do/ happen in 2021

3. Easy... Keep doing this until all 100 numbers have something beside them.

4. Be specific, don't just say - practice more self-care. What self-care? What do you want to do? How often?

5. If you need to split things up, and break them into smaller goals then do this, so restoring my Honda 50 is one goal and taking it to a vintage rally is another. Even if i dont get the Honda finished, i can still take it to a rally and tick that off.

6. Be realistic when it comes to time and money! You shouldn't feel pressure or anxiety because you have set unrealistic travel goals on your list or can't find the time to complete the items on your list. At the end of 2021, the idea is, we all look back at our lists and feel good about the year we have had and all we have accomplished!

7. Remember it's about having fun. 2020 was hard enough guys, let's make 2021 fun and enjoyable!

P.s don't lose your list.

I would love to see what is on your list! Let's stay in touch over on Instagram @Imnotdrunklifestyleblog

We can help each other stay motivated, and even help each other with ideas!!

So i can keep a close eye on you all (jokes) So we can all keep in touch and see how each other is getting on with our 100 lists during the year use, #Imnotdrunk100

I cant wait to see all the fun things you have planned for 2021!!

So, here is my list of 100 things to do in 2021 -

  1. Go to dinner with a friend

  2. Restore my Honda 50

  3. Take the Honda 50 to a vintage rally

  4. Write a letter to my future self *Maybe 40 yeard old me will have her shit together*

  5. Visit the hidden waterfall in Donegal

  6. Ask someone to dance (jive)- This is a huge one for me, i won't even dance with a stranger if they ask me!

  7. Go on a city break *I have a list of places to choose from*

  8. Go on a city break *Id like to take two city breaks lol!*

  9. Visit America, my family and friends

  10. Visit Charlie in England

  11. Attend the HDYO Congress

  12. Climb Slieve Donard for the sunrise

  13. Visit the beach

  14. Perfect jumping the wake *trying not to eat shit*

  15. Buy my new wakeboard! *I've been saving for so long!*

  16. Pay for someone's order behind me in the drive threw

  17. Complete a crossword puzzle

  18. Complete a jigsaw puzzle, maybe 1000 pieces!

  19. Run a mile! - No chance!

  20. Make a youtube video

  21. Support local/ small businesses more

  22. Volunteer with a new charity

  23. Sign up as an organ donor

  24. Go to dinner alone

  25. Do a wardrobe clear-out

  26. Organise a fundraiser

  27. Post at least 1 blog post a month

  28. Go 24 hours without my phone

  29. Go Western Horse Riding

  30. Go camping

  31. Go Glamping

  32. Stay in an Iglu *Sleeping under the stars!*

  33. Buy myself flowers

  34. Take a book out from the library

  35. Visit the Zoo

  36. Go ice skating

  37. Bake cupcakes/ a cake

  38. Climb 4 peaks on the Highest Peak Challange

  39. Climb Slieve Binnen *Did i spell the right?*

  40. Climb 5 Mourne Moutain Peaks *Any suggestions people?*

  41. ReBox and organise my things in the attic - any volunteers to help?

  42. Spring clean my computer

  43. Save a copy of all my blogs already posted so i always have them

  44. Plant Spring flowers *I have been meaning to plant daffodils for several years!

  45. Go to the drive-in cinema

  46. Learn Spanish *Im using Duolingo for this already*

  47. Complete my Kerry Road trip i had planned for 2020

  48. Continue to write daddy letters *even after lockdowns are lifted*

  49. Start a pay it forward chain

  50. Read To Kill A Mocking Bird

  51. Have a BBQ

  52. Read The Harry Potter Books

  53. Make more playlists on Spotify *I just listen to everyone else's*

  54. Get a pen pal *that is not my daddy*

  55. Go to The Ramore Restaurant *Their Nachos, OMG!*

  56. Read The Great Gatsby

  57. Visit some local tourist attraction's close to home

  58. Read a Jane Austin Book

  59. Read Michelle Obama's Book

  60. Send a scratch card to a friend as a surprise

  61. Read The Diary of a Young Girl - Anne Frank

  62. Read Little Women

  63. Name a Star

  64. Visit Belfast Farmers Market

  65. Watch It's a wonderful life

  66. Watch the Breakfast Club

  67. Watch The Crown

  68. Watch a scary movie *Suggestions?*

  69. Watch Casablanca

  70. Loose 1 stone!!!

  71. Have a night out with friends

  72. Watch Home movies with Daddy

  73. Attempt Meditation

  74. Spend a weekend by the beach

  75. Learn to surf or at least attempt it!

  76. Attempt Yoga

  77. Win a game of Trivial Pursuit

  78. Each month make a list of things i am grateful for that month

  79. Do a face mask twice a month

  80. Paint my nails more often

  81. Visit the Botanical Gardens in Belfast

  82. Do the lotto

  83. Force my family to play monopoly

  84. Drink more water *Anyone wants to advise me a realistic daily amount id appreciate it?*

  85. Stick to my dairy-free/ Wheat free diet!

  86. Give up drinking for 1 month *This will be easy, i don't really drink*

  87. Take the poor dog on more walks

  88. Put, make-up, fake tan and a pretty outfit's on just to feel good

  89. Have a weekend away with my Jiving friends *I miss those guys!*

  90. Go for a picnic *Fun fact, i actually have the cutest picnic basket*

  91. Make some funny Tic Tok video's *I have a few already lol there awful*

  92. Continue the monthly sleepover with Lily girl! *We love our midnight feasts!*

  93. Learn sign language or at least try to learn the basic/ essentials

  94. Visit a new beech *In southern Ireland maybe?*

  95. Visit the Giants Causeway

  96. Do the Gobbins Walk

  97. Go Kayaking

  98. Watch the sunset

  99. Take online courses and learn new skills

  100. Plan/ Book a big trip. I may not be going in 2021 but at least get the ball rolling and step out of my comfort zone of going to America for all my holidays!

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